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"My back pain started about 10 years ago when I was a teacher. It got so bad that couldn't stand up all day and I had to retire. I used to enjoy walking, but the pain in my legs, back and neck became so bad that I couldn't even walk around the block and as a result I started to gain weight. My M.D. sent me to physical therapy for 3 months of treatment. There wasn't one day that I left there feeling good. I finally decided to try chiropractic but the first doctor I went to didn't help either. Then a friend recommended Dr. Martin. AFTER ONE JUST TREATMENT I FELT BETTER! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I actually had a good day! After the second treatment, I was doing great! Dr. Martin adjusted me and then I had a massage with a heat treatment and rehab in her office. She developed a special rehab program for me that I could do right at her office. Dr. Martin is the only board certified rehabilitation chiropractor around and I worked out right in her office. Now I feel like I have my life back and I can finally start enjoying my retirement because my back doesn't hurt anymore!"

- C.L.

"I had discomfort in both legs and my feet hurt due to a painful neuroma on the bottom of one foot. I am very active and this was becoming a big problem. I tried to wear wider shoes but that didn't help. I saw a podiatrist but that didn't help. Then I went to see Dr. Martin. She helped me get better posture. She had me fitted for affordable orthotics for my shoes. Now my posture is better and my legs and feet don't hurt! I FEEL WONDERFUL! THANKS DR. MARTIN"

- T.W

"I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm considered a 'high-risk' pregnancy. I've started having headaches, low back pain, and shooting pains in my right leg. THANK GOODNESS MY OBGYN KNOWS DR. MARTIN! I couldn't take any meds because I'm pregnant and I was miserable. It seemed like there was nothing I could do. No matter what position I tried, my head, back and leg hurt. My OBGYN referred me to DR. MARTIN and after only two treatments, My Pain Was Simply Gone!!!!!! Just an adjustment and a massage. Dr. Martin has a special rehab program designed for me so that after I have my baby I can get some help to strengthen my back! I am so happy now!!!! DR. MARTIN HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!"

- R.R.